Without Abby my August 2014 wedding would have been a disaster - instead it was pure perfection! Abby and her colleague Christy made my at-home wedding (well - technically at my parents' house) a very memorable and hassle-free day! I knew I wanted to work with Abby from our first meeting where I thought I was very buttoned up, but Abby rightly asked some very good detail questions. I gushed about her to my then-fiance and we hired her that night. In the following few months Abby was very diligent about following up and with a few additional meetings, I felt extremely comfortable leaving my wedding in her capable hands. The day before the wedding, I explained the final details to Abby and then the day-of, she and Christy were totally autonomous. The whole wedding day I kept saying in amazement - "I can't believe how perfectly this is all coming together" - and that's totally because of Abby. She worked hard the whole day (and night) and I'm so grateful to her for my amazing wedding (with MANY MANY details and vendors) coming together just as I had imagined. THANK YOU ABBY!!!

, Bride

Abby was an integral member of our wedding team. Before having our first meeting with Abby, I was not confident my wife would make it through the planning process. Once we understood how professional, organized, and experienced Abby was, my wife was able to breath and did not dread the BIG DAY. Abby went above and beyond her "responsibilities". She helped get us organized well before the week of the event. Abby brought up details we never would have thought of ( ex: what will the women eat for lunch while they are at the salon getting ready the day-of.) Her attention to detail was quite extraordinary. Seeing Abby walking around the grounds of our event with her iPad in hand and a focused and determined look on her face, we could relax and enjoy ourselves knowing everything would be taken care of. Look no further, you have found your day-of-planner. Email Abby and set up your consultation meeting now!

, Groom

Abby was scheduled to arrive at my hotel suite at noon but of course things started to go wrong before that. My flowers were wrong, my photographer was in the hospital and the place cards didn't have the meal selections on them. My maid of honor called Abby and she immediately went to work fixing things she could over the phone and she wasn't even on the clock yet. Once she arrived at my suite, with Chipotle for the entire bridal party! - she got right to work. Checking in with all of my vendors, fixing the place cards and making sure we were on track for timing. She helped my new photographer get an idea of what I wanted and helped him set everything up. I didn't worry about a thing! I felt at ease knowing she was there to fix any little snafus that popped up. I could literally write a 5 page review on all the amazing things she did that day but hopefully you get the gist. My wedding was better because of her. Having a "day of" wedding coordinator makes your day so much better because you can relax and enjoy yourself and Abby is a terrific choice! Read the whole testimony here.

, Bride

Abby was my life-saver the day of my wedding and I can't thank her or recommend her enough! You will not find a better wedding coordinator! Abby is incredible and absolutely essential for any bride-to-be. She cares just as much as you do about your big day going perfectly. Believe me, you will need someone on your side to make sure your vision comes to life. It doesn't matter how many times you talk with your venue or vendors something is bound to get lost in translation. Abby takes the time to make sure everything is set up just the way you envisioned it. She will be with you from start to finish and make sure every detail is taken care of. Every wedding has hoops, whether it is family members that do not get along or your bustle coming un-sewn (from someone stepping on your train!) Abby is there to help! She can pin a bustle and keep the peace all at the same time! Her demeanor is so calm that no matter what is going on you'd never know. She will fix any situation and keep the day running smoothly.

, Bride

Abby was an amazing day-of planner for my wedding on 7/20/2013! She met with me prior to the wedding, answered countless questions and calmed me down as things became chaotic. By the time the wedding day arrived Abby knew far more about the details than I did. Abby is incredibly organized. She had all the vendors' contact information and spoke to them prior to the event to make sure a precise timeline was in place. She also had the foresight to have the names and numbers of immediate family members wedding party attendants. Abby was involved in the wedding rehearsal and ironed out last minute details there. On the day of the wedding, Abby arrived early and had tabs on multiple moving pieces at one time. She had a master list of all that needed to be done that day and crossed them off one at a time - so systematic! She was also key in gathering items from the church and the reception to make sure nothing was lost in the shuffle. I highly recommend Abby as your day-of-coordinator. Not only does she do an amazing job at organizing a wedding, she has a calming friendly demeanor that puts everyone at ease!

, Bride

I began my search of a day-of wedding coordinator after deciding that I could really use some help and peace of mind when it came to ensuring that our big day ran smoothly. I came across Abby's website, and was instantly drawn to her approach and organizational style! I am so glad that we connected and that she was available to help us with our event -- I could not have asked for a better coordinator! Abby has tons of experience for pretty much every scenario that could come up on your wedding day, and her directive ideas and approach were truly invaluable to us on the day-of. Thanks, Abby for giving us that true peace of mind so that we could enjoy our big day!

, Bride

Abby was our day of coordinator for our September 2015 wedding at the Chicago Botanic Gardens, but she was so much more than a "day of girl". Abby is a professional from top to bottom, dedicated and completely on top of her (and everyone else's) game. We shudder to think about how things would have gone without her! You always think you're ready to "execute" your wedding planning, but we truly had no idea just how many details go into a successful wedding day. But Abby was there to "coach" us through every step, checking in frequently with emails and even meeting us on extra occasions for further discussions. She was so incredibly adaptable as additional wrinkles and requests along the way were thrown in, all the while maintaining her sweet demeanor and calming vibe.

We honestly couldn't have been happier with how our wedding turned out and that is thanks to her! Thank you Abby for executing our fairy tale exactly as we envisioned it, you're simply the best! Read the whole testimony here.

Katy and Steve
, Bride and Groom